Seniors Exclusive

Take advantage of our Seniors Only membership

Perhaps though more importantly, we respect when you’re retired you use your time and ‘toys’ differently so check out our ‘seniors exclusive special’ ensuring you’re in touch with only likeminded folks. Just share-with seniors only.

As a senior, Sharebuyit appreciate your usage requirements and discerning expectations of your potential partners will be different to those of families, couples or individuals. Hence Sharebuyit offer you the opportunity to subscribe your membership as a “senior only”- open to, and looking for only other likeminded seniors- to enter partnership with.

Seniors Only (S.O) Membership

As seniors have less time constraints than most others and likely use their assets differently as result, seniors (55+) are offered a choice of S.O membership. Seniors Only option allows seniors to only be contacted by other S.O members. Note S.O may narrow options somewhat for seniors though is intended to avail their contact to only likeminded members.

Tick the -S.O.- Seniors only index in your registration to hear from only other likeminded seniors. (55+ age applies)


and receive FREE membership!