How to share

The 7 steps to sharing

At sharebuyit, sharing is easy.

For most, sharing is second nature, though usually, it’s with people you know. At sharebuyit, getting to know others is simple and secure. Your privacy is protected, and your personal information is never shared without you allowing it.

Once a member, you can browse and chat securely though never need be in touch outside of your secure portal until you’re 100% happy.

As a result, sharebuyit is the professional and trusted way to share a big-ticket item, making your dream purchase a possibility.

So, how does it work? It’s as simple as seven easy steps.

The 7 steps to sharing


Step 1

Sign up

Sign up for FREE to, setup your profile to show your interest in buying an asset or to find others who have posted their interest.


Step 2


Search for like-minded sharebuyers via a simple criteria range, such as asset type, price, locality, new or used.


Step 3


Through your secure members sharebuyit portal, send messages
to others to express your interest in a share buying arrangement, and receive messages from members that may be seeking your interest. Messages are secure and will not contain any details about you other than the information you choose to give.


Step 4

Establish Suitability

When communicating with a potential share partner, establish how suited you are to the possible collaboration with a few key questions. When you feel comfortable, converse over the phone or email, or meet in person.

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Step 5


Once you’re openly in touch with your sharebuyit partner and feel you may be able to work together, arrange to meet for a coffee or to view some potential purchases and ‘kick the tyres’, so to speak! Get to know each other and get a sense of how you will move forward on this mutually beneficial arrangement.


Step 6


Download the ‘7 Simple Steps to Share Buying’ sharebuyit guide. This handy guide forms a part of your information pack when registering, and covers many points, such as how to split the time equally and amicably between you and you sharebuyit partner(s), what to do during the holiday periods, registration tips and many other helpful points, covering questions you may have.

Legal contracts

Step 7


When making purchases, you can choose to download the most suitable sharebuyit contract. Starting from just $125 per member, a sharebuyit contract is an easy and affordable way to secure peace of mind in buying with a sharebuyit partner. Alternatively, the sharebuyit legal team to tailor a contract to your specifications. Too easy! Your dream has just become an affordable reality!

Final step


After all of the legal paperwork and purchase is completed you can start enjoying your purchase! Book in dates with the sharebuyit calendar, update your partner with details and much more with your sharebuyit account.


and receive FREE membership!