Frequently Asked Questions

What is sharebuyit?

Sharebuyit Australia offers like-minded people wanting an more affordable solution to ownership of any asset that can be divided in time and as result-divided in cost. This can be applied to any asset that others may mutually also be seeking to buy.

What assets partnerships can be found through sharebuyit?

Any asset that’s a significant purchase price and can’t be used 52 weeks of your year. Some favourites are Caravans / Camper trailers / R.V’s / Boats / Jet Skis / Surf Skis / Trail –Off road Bikes / Recreational race cars / Planes / Ride on tractors. If there’s something else you have in mind, add it in via ‘new asset’ option when creating your post, there’s likely others out there looking also!

Does sharebuyit sell caravans, boats or other assets?

No. Sharebuyit is an online registered business working in the interests of bringing likeminded people closer together in a secure and simple environment. Sharebuyit then offers management tools to facilitate any agreements that are made by individuals / parties. They are entirely free to make any choices they like regarding where to purchase such assets.

How do I find the right person/people to buy with?

One of Sharebuyit’s key membership features is your secure online portal. Once you have posted, this secure one way e mail delivers you all the information of those seeking a partnership with you and YOU CHOOSE who to respond to and with what detail. It is not until sufficient communication passes that you decide to start to communicate openly by phone or e mail and then in person once closer to an agreement to becoming partners. This same secure portal is used when you want to contact and other members about their posts protecting each members privacy until your decide otherwise. Much of the information in your post (and others when you’re looking) determines deciding who to consider may be right for your partnership. Location, type and price range of asset and if the others may be family/couple/seniors/ and how you feel that may suit you are a few of the early key points that will help you to ‘short list’ potential partners compatibility.

Is sharebuyit safe and secure

Yes. Your privacy and personal information is our utmost priority and guaranteed to be kept private and secure other than anything you post publically. You chose when and what to disclose via your private members portal  as you start to become better acquainted with potential partners. As you move closer to a partnership, it is reasonable to ask-and offer- your potential partner to provide poof of identification, residence and any background check you or they mutually agree. We also encourage the service offered by our partners delivering background checks-for mutually assured absolute peace of mind. This process is simple yet guarantees your police/residential / finance background is guaranteed legitimate. For 99% of the population, reciprocating this arrangement is an easy way of offering both / all parties simple peace of mind. Check our ‘insurance and legal’ page for more details.

What is “Seniors Only” or S.O

As seniors have less time constraints than most others and likely use their assets differently as result, seniors (55+) are offered a choice of S.O membership. Seniors Only option identifies seniors only inviting contact by other seniors : Note S.O may narrow options somewhat for seniors though is intended to avail their contact to only likeminded members.

What does Sharebuyit membership cost?

Sharebuyit membership is now ABSOLUTELY FREE! Your free account will get you access to all member benefits.

What are the benefits of sharebuyit membership?

Finding the right partner to drastically reduce your outlay and costs on your asset purchase is just one of many benefits of becoming a sharebuyit member. You’ll also have access to ongoing management tools to make your dual or multi party ownership a breeze. Our management system tools are listed below though for more detail visit our members benefits page.

Access to buying partners / legal formality / secure partner to partner portal communications and shared cloud storage of ownership documents / shared asset usage schedules/ access to condition report / benefits of referral program / discounted ongoing membership.

How do I become a member?

Just click “Sign up”, then follow the simple prompts.

Privacy and Security

Your subscription details are completely secure and only offered to others at your discretion you communicate with others via the anonymous sharebuyit portal. As you become satisfied those you are communicating with are looking for mutually agreeable terms and asset, at your discretion you may offer your e mail and or ph # for more direct communication. From this point, once you are satisfied you will want to look further at a partnership, at your discretion you will meet and the rest is taken at your mutually agreed pace. At this point you may also want to  consider our background check services offered to offer partners and expect reciprocated of those you are looking to partner with.

Sharebuyit acknowledges that unscrupulous people may try to pose as members of sharebuyit. Should you have any doubt about any member contacting you, we encourage you advise them you are not interested in further contact.

Please click here to report any such case and that member will be contacted to show just cause why their membership is not cancelled. As per terms and conditions of membership, sharebuyit reserves the right to contact police if it is  believed any members in such reported cases to be substantiated and will not hesitate to cooperate with authorities with any investigations they initiate.


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