Buy a new caravan, boat, camper trailer or motorhome sooner rather than later


Buy a new caravan, boat, camper trailer or motorhome sooner rather than later

Although ShareBuyIt is a relatively new concept, as we gain some momentum we’re more confident than ever it’s going to become an accepted way of buying major assets.

We can understand people being cautious at the start, but as new members join and we start to work with business partners in the leisure and recreational vehicle market, it’s not too hard to imagine a future where share-buying is as normal as buying outright.

In fact, if you ask a child who has no preconception of “normal” buying behaviour, they’re likely to be surprised that someone would buy an asset and not use it all the time.


Find something you really like

A new feature of ShareBuyIt is the “Products” we’re listing.

Whether you’re already a member or just browsing, you can look through the listing of caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, boats, and motorbikes.

Members can “like” products and add those to their profiles, so that other members looking at the same product can see who else is looking at the same thing.

Of course, you can look wherever you like for something you want to buy, but we hope that having some products to browse on will help a lot of people get good ideas, at least.


Share the purchase cost, share the fun

We know you get how ShareBuyIt works, but we also know people like real examples when they are pondering something and trying to make a decision.

Let’s say you like the look of the Sunseeker “Wild Child” off-road premium family caravan – and why wouldn’t you? – but $66,000 is a bit steep as a one-off initial outlay.

Find a couple of partners and get a one-third share for a much-more-affordable $22k.

This Sunliner Eclipse motorhome is an absolute beauty, and worth every cent of its $80,000 price tag.

Share ownership with two other families or couples and the outlay of less than $27k will leave you with funds to really explore in the 17 weeks a year your one-third share gives you.

The possibilities are virtually limitless.


Warning: browsing may inspire you

If you haven’t already got itchy feet for your next getaway, once you start looking at the amazing assets that are available we can virtually guarantee you’ll want to pack up and head out the door tomorrow!

So, browse the products at your own risk … and make sure you’re ready for the motivation.

Happy sharing.

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