Sharebuyit features

Member’s benefits: what you get

Sharebuyit membership is offered via an initial annual subscription and is designed to facilitate sharebuyit / multi partner asset ownership in a secure, simple and systematic fashion, easily understood by both or all parties. Initial subscription affords all members 12 months access to the following features and guidelines which can be continued on for future years to maintain continuity of the agreed arrangements.

Some key benefits are:

Partnership posting

Partnership posting

Members can securely post details of the partners they are seeking for asset purchases across a wide range of products with replies delivered to them through the secure and anonymous sharebuyit portal. It is then, and only then up to the member to invite further secure communications and personal details not entered into until the member chooses to offer to do so. To maintain site integrity, no more than 3 posts are available to each member per annum.

Contacting members

Contacting posts and other members

Members can contact other members securely and easily through the sharebuyit portal with personal details not needed until mutually agreeable between both parties.

Legal contracts

Contractual partnerships

Members are offered access to secure and detailed, yet cost effective contractually binding agreements. Covering details such as usage, condition report guidelines, opt out and buy out specifications as well as “what if” contingencies, Sharebuyit’ s legal partners will tailor your agreement specific to your needs.

Secure login

Secure log in access

Communicate via handheld devices or PC direct partner to partner whilst at the same time maintaining a secure of arrangements etc. The membership log in also offers cloud storage of all shared documentation such as ownerships and or contract copies, registration, insurance, log book etc. This ensures all documents are easily and readily accessible by all parties at all times in a mutually neutral and secure space.


Calendar – Asset usage schedule

An interactive bi annual calendar inclusive of all school and public holidays is a benefit feature developed to assist all members with an easy access tool to arrange their agreed usage schedule.


Calendar – Log and service schedule

Like the usage calendar, the log and service schedule offers members a simple interactive calendar to log service dates and pending payments. The calendar may also be used by the members to act as a engine log or tailored to any other similar requirement.


Condition report

Tailor a condition report to your agreed expectations via your log in. this easily outlines your mutual expectations and also offers a place to state directives of what is done if condition levels are not met. These points should be referenced in your purchase contract.


Referral program

Incentive discounts are offered to all members for referring friends, colleagues and family. Referrals are easily confirmed though new members sign ins and can quickly reduce on going members annual subscription from $49.95 to $0 with as few as 4 referred new members


Discounted on going membership

Membership renewal will attract a loyalty discount that compounds over time yet still delivers all the many sharebuyit member features as well as new and upgrade features as they are established.


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