5 things boat lovers love about boats


5 things boat lovers love about boats

Australia offers us so many beautiful places to spend our leisure and recreational time and, for many people, that includes being out on the water.

Water-skiing on lakes and rivers, fishing in bays and off the coast, exploring hidden inlets and islands, snorkelling or scuba-diving out near a reef, or just floating and relaxing – there are plenty of options for people who love being out on the water.

It seems that people who get into boating can’t get enough of it, so we decided to do a bit of research to see if we could figure out the main reasons boat lovers love messing about on boats.

Here’s what our research turned up.

  1.      Getting in touch with nature

Not surprisingly, most boat people love being outdoors. We can’t argue with that.

The combination of water and fresh air and a seemingly endless horizon appeals to them.

They talk about the rhythm of their craft as it interacts with the water and how it’s just them, their boat, and nature.

Plus, there’s always the chance of seeing some marine life cruising past.

  1.      The people you meet

While people who love boats seem to come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all segments of society, one thing they often remark on is what a tight-knit community they’re part of.

Their common interest is a bond that transcends any of their other differences.

  1.      Gone fishing

Aussie cricket legend Merv Hughes is one of those people who always dreams of catching the fish of a lifetime:

“I love fishing. People jump into boats for different reasons; cruising, sailing, fishing, skiing… every time I jump into a boat, I go fishing – whether it be on a river, a lake, out in the bay or in the ocean.”

  1.      Doing something – or nothing

Corinne, from the Gold Coast, says boating is whatever you want it to be, whatever you feel like at the time.

“Being on the water is one of the most relaxing things I like to do. But I also enjoy fishing, crabbing, tubing and just hanging out with our family and friends.”

  1.      Getting away from it all

One thing that a lot of people with boats will tell you is that, no matter what’s happening in your life, you can take your boat out and truly wind down.

Australian jazz genius James Morrison is definitely an advocate:

“A couple of hours out on the boat feels like a full day’s break and a weekend afloat feels like you’ve been on holiday for a week. No matter what the pressures on shore, when you cast off you can leave them behind and just enjoy being on the water. Boating is good for the soul!”

Convinced yet?

If you think there might be something to this boating idea, why not contact your local boating club and see if they can arrange for you to get out on the water with a boat owner so you can experience it for yourself.

And when you decide to go ahead and get a boat, ShareBuyIt and our members are waiting.

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